New Hampshire Corporate Gifts

New Hampshire Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting made easy by Cookie Advantage New England!

Let Cookie Advantage New England create a specialized gifting package created specifically for your business needs.

*Say Thank You
*Generate Customer Referrals
*Request Customer Feedback
*Increase Reviews on Social Media
*Show Appreciation

Our mission is to provide you with a special way to show your customers, suppliers, or employees how much you appreciate them.
Choose the thank you tin for your recipients or choose a Custom tin with your company logo in your company colors!
Each tin of cookies (available in 1 dozen, 1 1/2 dozen or 3 dozen sizes, depending on your needs) is fresh baked on the day they are shipped. Included in each tin is a card that we will design for you to fit your company's needs. We can also add business cards, customer referral cards, review site/social media cards, & survey cards. We will work with you to develop the program that you desire.
Our customer orders range from one tin of cookies to several thousand tins of cookies. Whatever your needs may be, we are happy to help you achieve them.

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